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We help businesses achieve their full potential by providing the right inspiration, knowledge, and network.

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The right match for everyone

Find the Right Group for You
Become a member of Presidents Institute by choosing a network that matches your priorities and expectations. You’ll meet 20-25 like-minded individuals during 5-6 networking meetings per year.

Be Part of Something Bigger
Attend at least four additional events annually, including Perspectives, to significantly expand your network with members from all our other networks, while gaining valuable insights on a current topic of interest.

Unique Access to Leading Conferences
Gain exclusive access to a range of leading conferences, expand your network with over 4,500 Nordic business leaders at Presidents Summit, and delve into specific topics at our top industry conferences.

+15 years of experience in Networking

The philosophy behind our network

Member Matching is Key to Value
Members are matched based on a range of factors, including challenges, experience, responsibilities, complexity in role, ambitions, and more.

Meetings with a Purpose
All peer networks are structured and centered around a purpose. The purpose acts as a mission statement for the group to establish the framework and maximize relevance for each member.

Professionally Facilitated
All Peer networks have a dedicated Executive Director/Facilitator who serves as the group’s chair. All Executive Directors are carefully selected and trained to maximize value for each member.

Find Your Network

Through our Peer Groups, Presidents Institute offers personlized development progams and professionally facilitated networks that will ensure continuous development and help you reach your full potential

Your journey as a member

Meet Your Facilitator
As you become a member of Presidents Institute and your new Peer Network, the first step is to meet your new facilitator / Executive Director. They will ensure you feel welcomed to the group.
Vision Exercise
The Peer Network's first meeting is a Vision Exercise. Here, the value foundation is established through, relationships and themes. You will get to know the strengths of your new network.
Network Meeting
The 2nd time your Peer Network meets, you will start to experience true value. You will focus on one of the group's selected themes for the year through a facilitated workshop combined with networking.
Presidents Summit
During the year of your annual membership, we host Presidents Summit, Leading Business Conference in the Nordics with +4.500 attendees, world-leading experts giving thought-provoking talks, and much more.
Network Meeting
Your Peer Network will meet at least 5 times through out the year to deep dive and problem-solve on the most relevant themes and challenges. As a group you can choose to bring in external experts to contribute.
Approx. four times annually are you invited to additional events such as Perspectives. Perspectives deep dives into the most relevant trends, challenges and topics from two perspectives: Theoretical & Practical
Network Meeting
Focus on one of the group's selected themes for the year. Workshop at group level with wither competences within the group or with the addition of an external expert. Focus on finding future solutions to our challenges.
Industry Conference
As a member you gain unique access to the leading industry conferences in the Nordics. Deep dive into the most relevant topics within your industry and function with leading stakeholders and expand your network with peers.
Network Meeting
Focus on one of the group's selected themes for the year. Workshop at group level with wither competences within the group or with the addition of an external expert. Focus on finding future solutions to our challenges.
Vision Exercise
The first meeting of the new season starts with a Vision Exercise. Here, the network evaluates and defines the coming topics, if the group needs additional competences or profiles, and lays the foundation for the coming year.
The Member's Value

What Benefits Do Members Experience

By being a part of Presidents Institute, you get to experience a multitude of benefits:

Personal Advisory Board: Engage with a group of 25 like-minded individuals for valuable feedback and sparring.

Inspiring Ideas: Gain new perspectives, ideas, solutions, and strategies from a diverse group representing various companies, industries, and functions.

Full Confidentiality: Participation is characterized by full confidentiality, where peers support you in tackling specific problems and challenges.

Benchmarking: Opportunity for benchmarking and identifying areas for improvement.

Insights: Strengthen your professional toolkit by gaining insights into other companies’ processes, key figures, and templates.

Development: Develop leadership skills, professional expertise, and increase your impact.

Extensive Network: Open the door to network expansion across the group, nationwide, and in the Nordic region through member events.

Share Your Journey: Become part of a community where you can share your journey, reduce stress, strengthen your sense of belonging, and increase motivation.

The Company's Value

What Benefits Do Companies Experience

By investing in your employee’s participation, you gain multiple benefits:

Skill Development and Business Insight: Your employee develops and enhances their skills while gaining new business insights.

Proactive Problem Solving: The employee becomes more informed and future-ready, enabling them to proactively prevent challenges.

Continuous Motivation and Learning: This initiative boosts the employee’s motivation, keeping them engaged in continuous learning.

Global Awareness and Navigation Skills: The employee becomes more aware of the external world and better equipped to navigate complex business environments.

Access to Best Practices: You gain access to real-life experiences, best practices, and insights from similar organizations.

Benchmarking Across Industries: The opportunity to compare results and processes across different companies and industries.

Time and Cost Savings: Participation in these meetings eliminates the need for external consultants and reduces expenses for market intelligence and general training activities.

Actionable Results: You are guaranteed actionable takeaways after each meeting, maximizing the value of your investment through experienced Executive Directors who share their insights.

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Unique access to leading events

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for membership of Presidents Institute is quick and easy: simply complete this form with your contact details. You will shortly after be contacted by an experienced network advisor, who will guide you into the peer group that matches your needs and expectations best. 

When we receive your application, you will be contacted by a Network Advisor who will want to understand your organization, responsibilities, priorities, challenges, needs.

All candidates must be approved by both the Executive Director/Facilitator and by members of the peer group (unless it is a new group not yet kicked off). This is done to ensure the match and to avoid private friends, buyers/customers and/or competitors sit together.

You can expect a free and no obligation dialogue. Together you will identify the best peer group based on your main topics of interest, challenges, priorities, needs, expectations. The Network Advisor will answer all your questions to make ensure you possess all the information you need.

The investment for membership varies from group to group. As our groups are designed for professional development, the membership is typically paid by the employer. The investment for experience-sharing groups usually fall under learning & development budget or business development/innovation budget. Unlike educational courses, members co-create the agenda, prioritize topics that are relevant for them, and focus on actionable, practical and experience-based insights. 

A peer group is your ticket to a professional overview on current issues and cutting-edge developments in your industry. Here, knowledge is condensed, distilled, and experiences are shared saving you and your peers from wasting time and money. You can choose morning and late afternoon/evening formats. 

Your membership includes five invitations to network meetings and various events. You will receive an invoice with the confirmation of your order, for payment within 30 days. Your membership is automatically renewed at the end of the current period. If you wish to cancel your membership, this must be done 30 days before renewal by calling +4533338888 or via mail to 

Membership follows the employee. If you get a new job where your current group is no longer relevant, we’ll make sure to find the right match again. 

Yes, it is possible, but this must be handled delicately to ensure that your successor is a suitable PI member with the right seniority.

You can terminate your membership by writing to or calling us at +45 3333 8888

Ready to hear more?

We always have a Senior advisor ready to speak with you and explore how a membership at Presidents Institute can help you.

What you can expect of a conversation with a senior advisor

• Free and without any hidden commitments

• Explore our different Peer Groups and identify the best match for you

• Gain Insight into what value a Peer Group creates, and see if it can benefit you

• Understand what expectation you have to your network

Speak to an advisor

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