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Presidents Institute

Welcome to a journey of learning for open, curious, brave and reflective professionals who strive for personal & professional development, through networking.

We help you reach your full potential

Accelerate Your Development

Compare organizations, straregies, tools, and processes. Share KPIs, policies, scorecards, and templates. Together our members reflect on lessons learned and identify future best practices.

Expand Your Network

Networking is an essential skill and everyone needs a network stretching thinking, giving guidance, inspiring, energizing, supporting, encouraging, connecting and contributing to making you a better person. The agenda of our meetings and events are designed to fulfil these needs.

Gain New Insights

The network focuses on learning and development through inspiration, curated and actionable insights from leading experts, combined with knowledge sharing, sparring and support from peers.

Your membership includes

Network Meetings

As a Member of a Peer Network, you get invited to at least 5 Network Meetings annually. Our trained facilitators will also connect you with the people, that are most relevant for you and help setup additional meet-ups. All designed to ensure you acquire the Network, Inspiration and Knowledge, you need to be the best you can be.


Perspectives are events dedicated to bring you the inspiration and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Join all local members in a deep dive into the most relevant trends, challenges, themes or topics from two perspectives - a Theoretical and a Practical - and expand you network across all other national members and groups.

Leading Industry Conferences

Unique to Presidents Institute, your membership provides access to leading industry conferences for you and a guest. Attend a full day around the topics that most relevant for your industry, gain insight from leading experts and network with leading stakeholders from your industry. And we still haven't mentioned Presidents Summit

Find Your Peer Network

Through our Peer Groups, Presidents Institute offers personlized development programs and professionally facilitated networks that will ensure continuous development and help you reach your full potential

Personalized Peer Networks

Network that matches you

Perform Better & Increase Impact
Tapping into the collective intelligence of a network allows you to gain many new perspectives, which in turn lead to better-informed decisions, innovative problem-solving, improved results, increased influence and greater impact.

Save Time & Money
You save a lot of time not having to reinvent the wheel and not having to outsource tasks to expensive consultants, to product & market research, training, courses and education in general.

Mutual Support & Sparring
Joining a confidential forum where you can openly and honestly share your uncertainties, questions, problems, and challenges, get support, feedback, and inspiration from well-matched peers is a huge relief, and peer accountability is extremely valuable.

Facilitated Networking & Sparring

The value of a confidental network

Get Real Feedback
Our members use each other as sparring partners to test their ideas. They share real-life experiences, give and receive objective feedback, and avoid groupthink and confirmation bias.

Think Outside the Box
Listening to different approaches from your peers and leading experts encourages you to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. Taking time away from daily operations allows you to step back, see the big picture, and refocus on key strategic priorities.

Become More Adaptable
The world is changing so rapidly, and you can’t possibly know everything. You need to keep up with business transformations, new work trends, future threats and opportunities, and more.

What our members say

I participate in the network meetings with Presidents Institute because I see a great deal of value in them. The talks and reflective assignments provide an enormous learning opportunity
Finn Hovalt
Chairman of the Board / Sparekassen Denmark
The main reason for my participation in this particular network is the opportunity to receive feedback from leaders working in industries different from mine.
Birgitte Rassing
Corporate Vice President / Novo Nordisk
It makes a huge difference for me to be part of a network with likeminded colleagues, who offer so much experience and expertise that i can utilize in my profession.
Michael Ekegren
Partner / Netcompany
I see Presidents Institute as being much more professional than any other network I have been part of. The amount of dedicated members that are ready to help you with any problems you currently face.
Anita Larsen
CEO & Co-owner / IPW Systems

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