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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for membership ay Presidents Institute is quick and easy: simply complete this form with your contact details. Within 48 hours, you will be contacted by an experienced network advisor, who will explore the how a peer group can help you and identify which group matches your needs and expectations best. 

When we receive your application, you will be contacted by a Network Advisor who will want to understand your organization, responsibilities, priorities, challenges, needs.

All candidates must be approved by both the groups Executive Director and Facilitator, and by members of the peer group (unless it is a new group not yet kicked off). This is done to ensure the match and to avoid private friends, buyers/customers and/or competitors sit together.

You can expect a non-binding dialogue. Together you will identify the best peer group based on your main topics of interest, challenges, priorities, needs, expectations. The network advisor will answer all your questions to make ensure you possess all the information you need.

The investment for membership varies from group to group. As our groups are designed for professional development, the membership is typically paid by the employer. The investment for experience-sharing groups usually fall under learning & development budget or business development/innovation budget. Unlike educational courses, members co-create the agenda, prioritize topics that are relevant for them, and focus on actionable, practical and experience-based insights. 

A peer group is your ticket to a professional overview on current issues and cutting-edge developments in your industry. Here, knowledge is condensed, distilled, and experiences are shared saving you and your peers from wasting time and money. You can choose morning and late afternoon/evening formats. 

Your membership includes five invitations to network meetings and various events. You will receive an invoice with the confirmation of your order, for payment within 30 days. Your membership is automatically renewed at the end of the current period. If you wish to cancel your membership, this must be done 30 days before renewal via mail to 

The membership follows the employee. If you get a new job where your current group is no longer relevant, we’ll make sure to find the right match again. 

Yes, it is possible, but this must be handled delicately to ensure that your successor is a suitable PI member with the right seniority. Please contact us via email if you wish to transfer your membership.

There may be many reasons why you may not wish to renew your membership in Presidents Institute. Did you know that you may switch to another peer group any time e.g. if you change job, function, company or simply wish for a different group, time or facilitator? 

If you still wish to terminate your membership, simply fill out the form below. Your reason for opting out is important to us, and we’d be very grateful to hear your suggestions for improvement. You are of course always welcome back as a member!

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