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Presidents Institute

Since 2005, Presidents Institute has enabled CEOs, Business Owners and Senior Executives to work on their leadership. Through trusted peer groups, executive coaching and world leading Summits, we help take our members careers, networking and leadership skills to the next level.


Our learning programme bridges the theoretical and the practical based on specific problems. Through the combination
of input from presenters and
professional learning, you will gain
deeper insight into your own abilities as well as ensure ongoing skills.


Professional sparring from the group members and our group leaders should inspire new ways to deal with a given issue. This ongoing sparring gives you as a member a unique opportunity
to benefit from the experience
of other members.


We focus on always giving you access to new knowledge that inspires you in your everyday life. We do this through skilled presenters, a dedicated facilitator, access to our online universe as well as the opportunity
to attend relevant conferences.


The network connects decision-makers and opens up unique opportunities for collaboration and partnerships across organizations as well as building a strong and enduring professional and personal network.

Who are we?

As a result of the increasing speed in which our society is moving, professional de-velopment and education have changed significantly over the past decades. Today, development is far more continuous than in the past, where it was largely a one-off show.

Beyond traditional networking

We carefully curate our members and network groups to create a unique experience that elevates all our programs, and everyone involved.

International community

With thousands of members spread out across 7 countries, our memberships provide both local and global perspectives.

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

Surround yourself with peers from across all industries whose shared experience, but differing insights may be the key to your professional growth.

Get in touch

Daniyal Chughtai, Admissions Manager
+45 2888 0158,

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