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The requirements of the individual board member today have shifted vastly. The world is changing at a pace we have not experienced previously, and the longevity of businesses is at an all time low. Emerging competitors, digitalization, and consumer personalization plays a vital role in the struggles facing businesses today, emphasizing the need for board members’ capabilities to support and advice management in order to secure the success of the business. 

Presidents Institute has launched a facilitated Development Network which will target the challenges facing modern day board members – both on a collective and an individual level. All group members are active board members today, and together you will gain new knowledge on trends and tendencies which surely will affect the businesses you govern. Through case work the group will cooperate in order to allow for the subject at hand to be more easily incorporated into your everyday work on the board.  

Welcome to Board Club 01!

Meet your facilitator: Lars Marcher

After more than 30 years of experience in top executive positions, Lars Marcher has turned his focus towards the work of the governing board. His passion for supporting the development of businesses and employees has made him one of the most sought-after board members today. He will share his knowledge of the field as a whole and ensure that new perspectives are put into a practical context for the members of Board Club 01. 

“The board members play a vital role in the success of the businesss – more so than ever before. We will explore both corporate governance and the administrative angle of the board, while also looking into how the collaboration between the board and management may best support strategy and value generation. I look forward to welcoming you to Board Club 01”.

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If you are interested in exploring whether the Board of Director’s club may benefit your work, you can download the dedicated brochure below. You can also book a meeting directly with our Senior Consultant Magnus Sangild here.  


Our Senior Consultant, Marius Sangild, will help you determine how Board Club 01 may benefit your work as a board member. Book a time slot in his calendar for a non-binding conversation at your convenience.